Canadian Unity Is Important

June 03, 2019

A Closer and Freer Confederation

Canada was built on the idea that it is possible to achieve a common prosperity while also preserving local identities of language, belief, and self-determination.

Making it work requires constant co-operation, compromise, friendship, and mutual respect.

But Trudeau’s “My Way or the Highway Federalism” has put this partnership in jeopardy.

He is picking fights with the provinces because he thinks he can score a few political points.

He sends his ministers to attack provincial counterparts.

He intrudes into areas of provincial responsibility.

He’s dividing province against province, and region against region.

And blaming others when his failed strategies blow up in his face.

Most egregious, though, is Trudeau’s carbon tax which has prompted an unprecedented number of legal actions against his government coming from provincial governments frustrated at his overreaching.

Trudeau’s approach has stoked regional alienation, causing the provinces to fight against each other, as the federal government fails to assert its jurisdiction.

There is a better way forward.

Andrew Scheer will not only stand for our union, but reimagine it for the 21st century and beyond based on three simple pledges:

  • Andrew will commit to open federalism, recognizing that you cannot exercise authority without true accountability.
  • He will push ahead with a transformative corridor project that will both unite our people and liberate our resources.
  • And he will work tirelessly to tear down trade barriers between provinces and territories that have held captive our nation’s potential for far too long, so we can fully realize the benefits of Confederation that were promised 151 years ago.

Canadian unity can be brought about through shared success and shared prosperity.

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